Workshops are eligible to count toward the certificate if:

  • The workshop is partner organization (PO) affiliated in one of the following ways: 
    • The workshop was deemed eligible by a PO 
    • The workshop instructor previously taught the workshop at a PO 
    • The workshop equivalent is offered at a PO 
  • The workshop is part of the DH Training Network (includes those offered by Canadian and non-Canadian institutions) 
  • The workshop is not PO affiliated or part of the DH Training Network but all the following are true: 
    • The workshop instructor is a(n) academic, librarian, or practitioner 
    • The workshop topic is relevant to DH (inclusion here suggests applicability) 
    • The workshop is not only offered for credit and curricular credit was not received for the workshop
    • The workshop is offered by an academic, government, or not-for-profit organization 

Note: All workshops listed on the events calendar are eligible for the certificate; not all eligible workshops are listed on the calendar. If you have questions about certificate eligibility or about listing your workshop on the website events calendar, please email