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3D Visualization

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Date: 16 February 2024

3D visualization has been used in traditional scientific computing for several decades to visualize the results of multidimensional numerical simulations. In humanities, 3D visualizations have been mostly restricted to specialized areas such as game engines, architectural renderings, virtual environments, photogrammetric processing, and visualization of point cloud data. In this short course, we will use the 3D space to visualize differences in vocabularies in a given set of texts as 3D scatter plots and 3D graphs — think of this as an extension of traditional 2D plotting to the third dimension, where now you can suddenly visualize much bigger datasets. This lecture-style course will have many live demos you can try running on your computer after the course.

Led by: Alex Razoumov

This event is part of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada’s HSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) Series 2024.  For more information, visit: https://hss24.netlify.app/.